Take Care
is a customer intelligence platform

designed to boost sales & win
your customers’ hearts

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Build customer relationships

With Take Care, it’s like you would have a magic power of knowing each of your customers by heart.

Like the shopkeeper, a bartender,
a hairdresser – who knows their clients’ names, holiday plans, book preferences and so much more. Having similar knowledge, you can easily bond with your clients and prospects, even though you work with them mostly online.

Create the perfect, customized customer experience

Take Care gives you precise knowledge about each of your customers’ characteristics, actions and preferences.

You can use it to adapt the way your brand interacts with a particular client – the language you use, the values you share, the products you suggest to buy.

Cross-sell and up-sell wisely

With algorithms analyzing your customers interactions and behaviour, Take Care suggests products they will be most likely to buy from you.

You can act like a customer’s best advisor, being aware of his or her (even unconscious) needs. No more spamming with unwanted products ever again.

Full control on your sales & performance

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Use Take Care to take data-driven decisions.

Stay on top of your sales funnel having ALL your contacts and interactions monitored and measured. Observe trending products, control your consultants’ performance, take control over the pace and direction of your business development.

How do we know
all that?


Behavioral data
Communication streams
Consumer data


Customer 360


Data driven optimization

Main features

Omnichannel communication management

Engage with your customers using one, simple dashboard, which integrates all your communication channels (your Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, chat and more)

Fast & efficient customer care

Answear questions about order status, complaints, returns and others in less than a second, no matter the channel they were asked

Instant access
to potential customers

Automatically identify and include in your database people who have ever engaged with your brand, even if there was no purchase (yet)

Influencer identification

Get notified about potential reach of people engaging with your brand, learn their mood (sentiment) and attitude towards your brand, products or services

Consumer data analysis
(360 view)

Answear questions about order status, complaints, returns and others in less than a second, no matter the channel they were asked

Individual buying predictions

Have AI to tell you what and when your customers may need. Cross-sell and up-sell using that knowledge.

Currently tested all around the world

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